Table of Contents

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Section 1

LEADS Act 1991

Section 2

LEADS Bylaws updated 2015

Section 3

Position Description – Executive Director

Section 4 – Professional Relations & Discipline Committee

LEADS Standing Committee on Educational Leadership

Section 5

LEADS Planning Document 2012 – 2015 FINAL

Section 6 – LEADS Policies/Positions/Resolutions/Executive Decisions

Appointment of LEADS Members to Committees

Accreditation Policy

Curriculum and Instruction Actualization

Director Evaluation

Distinguished Service Award

Educational Administration Award

Equal Opportunity

Ethics of Returning to Work

Independent Schools

In-service Education

Learning Resource Centre Services

Legal Advice and Assistance – Pages 10 to 12

Mentorship through LEADS

Membership Fees – Part-time Members

Sexual and Gender Harassment

Student Assessment

Student Evaluation

Section 7 – LEADS Health and Dental Benefit Plan

Compulsory Membership in LEADS Health & Dental Plan

Manulife Benefits Booklet

Section 8 – Foundational/Background/Discussion Papers

Leadership Paper

Dimensions of Professional Leadership – Pages 49 to 55

Dimensions of Professional Leadership Diagram